A week of Bing instead of Google – Day 6

by BonsaiJon on February 24, 2010

The week has nearly ended and the bing verdict is in.

I believe that for a regular user, there is little to no difference whether they use Google or Bing.  The way for Microsoft to gain search market share which is currently dominated by Google is to become search partners with leading websites (which they are already doing with Yahoo and Facebook)  and partner with browsers like Google did with Firefox (anyone still using Flock browser?).

Bing still lacks in returning quality results for programming related searches, especially to code.  Bing also indexes my websites less regularly than Google does.

All in all I think it’s fair game.  Microsoft is the only company with the money and patience to beat Google at their own game but  it will not be an easy fight by any means.

This is part of the one week series - A week of Bing – The Google Diet

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For those of you who’se been living on a rock, Google has recently unveiled Google Buzz, their own attempt at a social networking platform and where met with an unexpected public backlash.

Here is their response…

A week of Bing instead of Google – Day 1

by BonsaiJon on February 18, 2010

It’s been a whole 24 hours of Binging my way through the search engines and I have to tell you it’s a bit awkward and it takes a bit of getting used to.  I am still not quite used to seeing being when I search through Chrome of Firefox.

Bing is weak when searching for programming code.  With Google when I usually enter a piece of code like “ = GetWidth();” it will immediately give me a list of blogs or forums (outdated and current) with related links.

One of the worst things is that sometimes I FEEL the need to verify my search results by Google.  I believe this will be Bing’s biggest hurdle in regards to taking market share from Google.

The great thing about Bing is the image search.  It is way easier to use and navigate, gives me more relevant search results than Google does and yes it even looks better.

This is part of the one week Series - A week of Bing – The Google Diet

A week of Bing – The Google Diet

by BonsaiJon on February 16, 2010

Recently I have decided to give Bing, Microsoft’s search engine a try. I am opting for a whole week of Google Diet and use Bing as my default, full time 24/7 search engine.  Now I have been using Google as a search engine for ever since I can remember and I never really used MSN/Bing as for search. Even back in the day when I started my gnarley surfing on the internet and Google wasn’t popular, I used cause the ease to search the web for text, pictures and music rocked my world.

For my browser selection I have also neglected Microsoft, purely because I feel that Microsoft really left  developers to the side, they were late with tabbed browsing and when FireBug came to Firefox I was sold.  I use both Firefox (for the plugins) and Chrome (for browsing speed)  now and I use Internet Explorer only for testing my websites.

So why the sudden change of heart?

  • I had to ask myself do people use Google for the quality results (of course we do) or do we use it because it comes as the default search engine in most browsers?
  • Microsoft and Apple are in talks of cutting a deal to make Bing the default browser in the iPhone.
  • Google’s results are becoming too bloated.
  • I want to see what Microsoft’s $100 Million Marketing Campaign last year was all about? Branding or Quality Service? Hopefully both.
  • I want to know if Microsoft can beat Google at their own game. In my opinion they are the only ones who have the resources to take them out.
  • I like to get out of my comfort zone

If you haven’t seem them here are the Bing Commercials from 2009


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How To Turn Off Google Buzz

by BonsaiJon on February 11, 2010

Google Buzz is a feeble attempt by a large company to show that they are social media savvy whilst invading your privacy and allowing spam in to your inbox.

What the hell are Google up to? Seriously? Shouldn’t they stick to what they’re good at? Organizing information on the web. You can’t be everything to everyone in this world.

After a few minutes of linking into Google Buzz the first thing that popped into mind was, how do I turn this fucker off? I couldn’t find the Google Buzz Off Button and then i noticed it was at the bottom of the page.

So if you don’t want Gmail to slow down and you don’t want anyone buzzing you while reading your e-mails choose the Buzz Off Button

I know Google Buzz might be useful, just don’t put in Gmail Google!