Some more Google Changes for yah

by BonsaiJon on November 7, 2011

Whenever I discuss SEO with a client who has a slight idea about SEO I always get the same question.  How do you know when Google will make any new changes and how will it affect my rankings.  To this question I answer.  You Don’t know when Google are going to make the next change, but you can always expect them to.  Why? Because that’s the only way they can improve the quality of their search results.

Since last year Google seem to have 2 main priorities cutting down on spam (Panda Update) and Real Time/Fresh Results.  They are now releasing an update that may affect up to 35% of search results, larger than the panda update which affected about 12%.  This is going to affect greatly searches related to current events, yearly events and product related searches.  When I search for a “latest sony vaio laptop reviews”, I don’t want to get a search result of a page that was indexed a year ago.  I want the actual, most recent, good quality page about the latest sony vaio laptops.

How do you ensure that your rankings aren’t effective? Stick to the basics. Don’t go for fancy seo tricks, build good quality content, keep your website updated and have good general on page seo




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