What I’ve been up to this past year?

by BonsaiJon on July 20, 2011

After one year of not posting anything through the blog, sifting through some of the unapproved, mostly spam comments (all 6,000+)  of them I found a couple of private messages asking me what I’ve been up to for the last year.

Well a lot has happened, I quit my full-time job in July 2010 and followed my dreams to setup my Web Design & Internet Marketing services business.  Things happened fast, we hit the ground running and it took me a year to launch my own website as I was too busy with projects and new clients.

I’ve been involved with many large  projects, marketing companies started outsourcing projects to me and my ever growing international team of developers, designers and internet marketers.  I have also developed a flash game for Funland with our friends at FlashyDevil.  I have even been interested with  international Internet Marketing projects such as this Swedish Casino Bonus Website which is achieving incredible results for it’s market.

I am in good health, thanks for asking .. despite not being updated, the blog still receives a great deal of traffic, proving what I’ve been saying all along, that SEO is a long term strategy that pays off and from time to time I will keep you updated on my endavours.

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