Create Astonishing Landing Pages For Free

by BonsaiJon on July 11, 2011

Creating a website can be a daunting task. Lately, web developers are turning to wordpress to launch quick 5 page website as it’s fast and easy to implement, however for mini sites, you may end up with default designs which do not look so great.

Recently, I have found a really cool service which you can use for those mini sites or landing pages you would like to put up quickly.  I have create this mini site to promote a swedish offer called Spela Roulette Online.  The site was finished in a couple of hours and as you can see it looks very professional.

Moonfruit also gives you some basic visitor tracking and it’s also very easy to integrate with Google Analytics.  Their basic designs are gorgeous as you can see on this Casino Bonusar Website I’ve done for a swedish client and this is all for free.

Check it out on

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