Does Clicking on Search Results Improve Rankings?

by BonsaiJon on April 5, 2010

It’s a question I get a lot from my clients.  The owner of company XYZ asks me whether typing XYZ in google and clicking on the search results will improve his rankings.

And the answer is yes and no. Let me clarify on this one …

With Google’s release of personalized results it can affect YOUR personal rankings which means that the more you frequent a website through SERPs, the more it will rank for you.  It doesn’t mean that this works for the rest of the world.

In Summary: It’s an SEO Myth that if you click on Search Engine Rankings, you will get ranked higher and that myth is now busted!

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1 Chris Tew 07.26.10 at 12:29 pm

This one is still debated. It makes theoretical sense that Google may favor a site that people tend to click on more. For example, a site ranks in the #5 for oranges. It always gets more clicks than the sites above it, then Google may consider that as a signal to move it higher in the rankings.

However, the potential for abuse is high since you could use something like mechanical turk to get lots of people clicking your result in the Search Engine.

I came across a study a while back where someone tried this on a low competition term and it worked for they period they were paying people to click. Although expert SEOs like Rand Fishkin disagree.

I suspect it is probably a very very small factor but there could be a lot more involved like the fact that just getting more traffic helps rankings, or a good bounce rate from those clicks or something else.

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