20 On Page SEO Factors To Sky-Rocket Your Rankings Part 1 of 4

by BonsaiJon on January 30, 2009

It is safe to say that SEO can be split under many sub categories, the two main ones being On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Google, the no.1 Search Engine in the world, having somewhere around 70% of the market share is often regarded as an Off-Page Factor search engine. While I agree that Off-Page Factors play a very important role in ranking for keywords (and I will show you examples that proove it), it is a huge mistake that SEOS and webmasters have started to ignore the On-Page Factors, saying they are no longer important.

Off Page Factor Example.

If you search for “Click Here” in google which site will show in first in the SERPS? It’s the Adobe PDF Reader Download Page. Why is this? If you go to the page and try to search for the key phrase “Click Here” it’s not even listed on the page and yet it is ranked no.1 for the search term. Since the page has thousands of llinks from webmasters with links on their site saying something like, Click Here to Download PDF Reader, the page will rank for it.

This can be both positive and negative. Before Google Killed it, for some time the Whie House Website was ranking no.1 for they keyphrase “miserable failure”. It doesn’t mean the white house wasn’t ranking for the key phrases it wanted to rank for, it was ranking for more.

You can always control On Page SEO, You can’t always Control Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO

Here is a list of 20 On Page SEO Factors you need to look out for

  1. Keyword in Domain

    There has been speculation about whether this is a factor or not. I’d say it is, not because I am certain that Google’s algorithm gives points for this factor, however if your site is called, non SEOs are going to link to you by your domain name, so what is the domain going to be optimized for? Yes you guessed it “Weekly Offers Online”.

  2. File Naming

    • File Names Should Be Relevant. Don’t call your home page “Home” unless you are selling homes.
    • Make Sure that all keywords in the url are necessary. Sometimes I just want to slap myself (unless i know the developer) when I see urls like,1234,4321,7p/
    • Make sure you use dashes instead of underscores.
      • Weekly-Offers-Online = Weekly Offers Online
      • Weekly_Offers_Online = WeeklyOffersOnline
  3. Title Tag

    • All Title Tags should be related to the page.
    • Your Site’s Title should grab attention. When your site is listing in a Search Engine Listing, the title plays an important factor in your Click Through Rate. It has to be selected from 10 other similar pages.
    • You shouldn’t have duplicate title tags.
    • Your title tag is not there to display your company name only.
    • Under no circumstances should you leave your Title Tag Blank. Leaving out your web site Titls is similar to publishing a newspaper without a headline.
    • Make sure you put keywords here, do not over stuff and test out different tags for maximum effort
    • There are 2 factors you need to take into consideration.
      • Prominence = How far to the left your keyword is
      • Proximity = How often is your keyword shown in your title.
  4. Description Tag

    The Description Tag does not hold much weight for Ranking Purposes. However search engines uses it as a “snippet” of text that the search engines post from your page in any given search query. A good page description will increase your Click Through Rate and your Description Tag should work hand in hand with your Title Tag. However, it’s important to note that the snippet the engines use will vary, depending on what the searcher typed into the engine. Sometimes search engines like Google will choose the snippet text for you and will completely ignore the description tag.

  5. Body Copy/Text

    Everything is tied in together so make sure that the body is relevant to the title and the description tags. Make sure you also put your keywords here, however do not over do it and make sure that the text is still readable by a human. Your keywords should add up to not more than 20% of your body copy. The percentage is only by testing. Each topic has it’s threshold. For instance on a Poker Related Website more than 15% is most likely to be considered spam, this is only from experience and I have no other sources to justify it.Other things worth mentioning from experience is, I never saw a difference between using <strong> and using <b> for bold.

    Proximity and Prominence also plays an important part. The closer the key phrase is to the left, the better it is.

    Update: The posts were getting too long so I will split them up in 4 parts.

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1 Mark SEO 02.02.09 at 3:13 pm

Hey mate,

Interesting article covering the basics, but you might want to recheck point no 7. Whilst your DO, DON’T and suggestions are correct, the definition of canonicalization is actually the opposite of what you implied here. Canonicalization is all about standardization and it’s essential for SEO’ing urls, definitely not a matter to be avoided.

Keep it up,

2 BonsaiJon 02.02.09 at 4:50 pm

Thanks for your Feedback and for taking an interest Mark I appreciate it immensely. I actually meant to say Canonicalisation Errors of course.

Thanks for the heads up.

3 Awayholidays 01.15.10 at 12:49 pm

Really interesting article which covers basic concept of on page seo.

4 Facebook Agency 04.02.10 at 1:46 pm

Really great info. effective SEO can only be achieve through proper optimization techniques

5 jitendra vyas 06.02.10 at 5:54 am

Good read. Thanks

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Thanks for basic for on-page optimization its just a basic lots of factors involved in on-page, But any way thanks, For More info visit

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