Some more Google Changes for yah

by BonsaiJon on November 7, 2011

Whenever I discuss SEO with a client who has a slight idea about SEO I always get the same question.  How do you know when Google will make any new changes and how will it affect my rankings.  To this question I answer.  You Don’t know when Google are going to make the next change, but you can always expect them to.  Why? Because that’s the only way they can improve the quality of their search results.

Since last year Google seem to have 2 main priorities cutting down on spam (Panda Update) and Real Time/Fresh Results.  They are now releasing an update that may affect up to 35% of search results, larger than the panda update which affected about 12%.  This is going to affect greatly searches related to current events, yearly events and product related searches.  When I search for a “latest sony vaio laptop reviews”, I don’t want to get a search result of a page that was indexed a year ago.  I want the actual, most recent, good quality page about the latest sony vaio laptops.

How do you ensure that your rankings aren’t effective? Stick to the basics. Don’t go for fancy seo tricks, build good quality content, keep your website updated and have good general on page seo




What I’ve been up to this past year?

by BonsaiJon on July 20, 2011

After one year of not posting anything through the blog, sifting through some of the unapproved, mostly spam comments (all 6,000+)  of them I found a couple of private messages asking me what I’ve been up to for the last year.

Well a lot has happened, I quit my full-time job in July 2010 and followed my dreams to setup my Web Design & Internet Marketing services business.  Things happened fast, we hit the ground running and it took me a year to launch my own website as I was too busy with projects and new clients.

I’ve been involved with many large  projects, marketing companies started outsourcing projects to me and my ever growing international team of developers, designers and internet marketers.  I have also developed a flash game for Funland with our friends at FlashyDevil.  I have even been interested with  international Internet Marketing projects such as this Swedish Casino Bonus Website which is achieving incredible results for it’s market.

I am in good health, thanks for asking .. despite not being updated, the blog still receives a great deal of traffic, proving what I’ve been saying all along, that SEO is a long term strategy that pays off and from time to time I will keep you updated on my endavours.

Create Astonishing Landing Pages For Free

by BonsaiJon on July 11, 2011

Creating a website can be a daunting task. Lately, web developers are turning to wordpress to launch quick 5 page website as it’s fast and easy to implement, however for mini sites, you may end up with default designs which do not look so great.

Recently, I have found a really cool service which you can use for those mini sites or landing pages you would like to put up quickly.  I have create this mini site to promote a swedish offer called Spela Roulette Online.  The site was finished in a couple of hours and as you can see it looks very professional.

Moonfruit also gives you some basic visitor tracking and it’s also very easy to integrate with Google Analytics.  Their basic designs are gorgeous as you can see on this Casino Bonusar Website I’ve done for a swedish client and this is all for free.

Check it out on

It’s a question I get a lot from my clients.  The owner of company XYZ asks me whether typing XYZ in google and clicking on the search results will improve his rankings.

And the answer is yes and no. Let me clarify on this one …

With Google’s release of personalized results it can affect YOUR personal rankings which means that the more you frequent a website through SERPs, the more it will rank for you.  It doesn’t mean that this works for the rest of the world.

In Summary: It’s an SEO Myth that if you click on Search Engine Rankings, you will get ranked higher and that myth is now busted!

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SEO is not dead and as long as there are search engines, there will be seo experts.  The reason why we don’t hear about search engine optimization anymore is because most SEO blogs you read are not run by SEO experts.  Most SEO blogs are written by wannabes who re-write what they see on other popular blogs.

SEO Bloggers are like monkeys: Monkey See Monkey Do

If I haven’t made it clear yet, most seo and make money online blogs are full of shit. I know I’ve wasted my fair share of time reading the same regurgitated crap over and over and over again.  It is when I joined StomperNet in 2008/2009 that I started to realise how much diluted the SEO content was online.

If you are reading more than 3 blogs a day, you’re wasting valuable time

Since the trend now is all about social media every blogger and their dog are writing about it.  So do you find good information to learn search engine optimization? There are a few blogs worth reading SeoMoz,  Viper Chill and Search Engine Land to name a few.

The Big Secret to learning SEO

Just start a website and start doing it. Most of you reading this post already know the basics.  Proper titles, good quality content, good quality back links and monitor your analytics.  Stop buying e-books, roll up your sleeves and start ranking for the keywords you need. If you buy training material, make sure it’s from a good resource and not some fly by night blueprint which won’t do you any good.  If you have money to spend, hire a content writer and add more content to your website then creatively start thinking on how to get more links to it.  Sounds simple right? It’s not that hard either. No blog is going to give you huge traffic secrets, not even this one.

The biggest SEO tip I’ve learned is not scientific, nor is it complicating.  It is the cycle below.

Now go out there and start ranking for something!

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An Example of a Good PPC Advert

by BonsaiJon on February 24, 2010

Below you can see a very good example of a straight to the point, super informative, customer engaging pay per click advert.

I read a review on sugarsync yesterday and i decided to look it up.  The alternative company is bidding on the company and asking me to try out their similar product for free. I might take them up on their offer.

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